1 - Why choose us and our products?
We think our most advantage is that our co-founders have both engineering technology and market sales background.
This point is very important. For only they are working together closely, the sales team can understand the real goal and hot features of one product, and they can explain clearly to the users that how excellent it is and what value we hope to bring to the users.
On the other side, the product will be more practical and not be a useless vase thanks to our engineers have sales experience.

2 - Why do I need a two-way radio?
Today, almost everybody owns a cell phone or smart phone, but sometimes these phones are not the best choice for business communication amongst co-workers. Two-way radios are convenient, affordable, dependable and an extremely exceptional business communication tool that will keep co-workers in constant communication without worrying about cell phone signal strength or data plans. With two-way radios, no number has to be dialed to reach anyone; instead communication is achieved with a simple press of a button. This instant means of communication is perfect for small and medium businesses that benefit from being able to communicate with each other on a daily basis to help get tasks done promptly and accurately.

3 - How IP Network Walkie Talkie Work?
First, GSM 3G radio works with GSM850/1900/UTMS2100MHz or GSM900/1800/UTMS2100MHZ(depond on your country). You need to buy a SIM card to insert into the radio and it can talk, cover the whole world.
Second, GSM 3G walkie talkie cost data flow, normally It is 2.88M per hour for unstopping communication, It is 0.06M on the standby mode per day. 
Third, there will be a management website for you to assign users' account and set talking rights or function. It helps institution with many people to save time and cost on communication..


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