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Professional FM Transceiver MT-777


Powerful radio with full features, full keypads and LCD display




For on-site communications such as warehouse, manufacturing, hospitality, school and security occasion, etc.


Main Features


■ 50 CTCSS tones/105 DCS codes
■ 128 channels to store
■ Wide frequency range
   UHF: 400-470MHz / VHF: 136-174MHz
■ Channel spacing: 25 / 12.5KHz
■ 1750Hz tone for repeaters
■ SOS emergency function
■ Shift repeater
■ VOX and Scan function
■ Back-lit display with 3 colors

■ 3 display modes on display: VFO, MR and CH
■ TOT (Time-out Timer) function
■ Busy channel lockout (BCLO) function
■ Squelch adjustable to 9 levels
■ Keypad lock
■ High/Low power selection
■ Inverted frequency function
■ Function/channel reset
■ FM radio receiver
■ Kenwood 2 Pin audio jack


MT-777 operates respectively on VHF and UHF bands. Thanks to its vast range of technical specifications and functions, they are positioned at the top of the range of amateur units.

The display can be adjusted in three different colors to improve the reading quality in any situation. With the alphanumeric keypad you can easily set the frequency and channels and the very practical VOX function that allows you to talk hands free without having to press any keys.

MT-777 is equipped with a Li-ion 1,300mAh battery pack that guarantees 11 hours of autonomy and the rapid desktop charger that can charge the complete radio unit or just the battery pack.





Frequency Range

Channel Spacing 12.5/25KHz
Channel capacity 128
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
Battery Type Lithium-ion, 1300mAh
Power Voltage Range 7.4V DC±20%
Temperature Range -20~+55℃
Weights 210g With antenna & battery
Dimensions(H×W×D) 100×58×33mm


RF Power


Frequency Stability


Max Frequency Deviation

<5KHz / 2.5KHz

Spurious emissions


Adjacent Channel Power

Within European legal terms

Audio Distortion


Occupied Bandwidth

Within European legal terms 





Audio Distortion


Audio Response

300Hz - 3KHz

Adjacent Channel Selectivity

Within European legal terms

Intermodulation Rejection

Within European legal terms

Spurious Response

Within European legal terms

Audio Output

500mW@8Ω For 5% THD


Standard Accessories


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