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DMR Portable Radio DP-20


Digital makes communications better.




For on-site communications such as warehouse, manufacturing, hospitality, school and security occasion, etc.


Main Features


■ IP66 rating dust and water protection
■ Robust, rugged and heavy-duty design
■ Wide frequency range
   UHF: 400-480MHz / VHF: 136-174MHz
■ 1024 channels, up to 64 zones
■ 2 programmable function side buttons
■ Crisp, clear and high quality sound
■ 2000mAh high capcity Li-ion battery pack
■ 1.8 inch TFT display, 65535 colors, 160 x 128 pixels
■ TDMA dual time slots technology

■ ETSI DMR I&II standard compatible
■ AMBE+2 digital vocoder
■ 5 Watts output power
■ Digital and analogue dual modes
■ SMS - short message service
■ CTCSS/DCS/DTMF signaling
■ Multiple call modes
■ Noise suppression
■ Voice encryption
■ Emergency alarm


Durable and Water-resistant
With polycarbonate housing and aluminum die-cast chassis, DP-20 meets IP66 rating standard and is built for greater protection, it offers reliable performance in severe weather and environments.


Analog + Digital Dual Modes Operation
The DP-20 can operate in both analog and digital modes and can be used with existing analog equipment. If you want to upgrade from analog but don’t have the budget to change all your radios at once, the DP-20 will allow you to purchase new digital radios at your own pace.


Exceptional Audio Quality and Better Coverage
1000 mW audio power output and unique audio box structure design make DP-20 providing exceptional voice quality, it can completely eliminate background noise and static from voice transmissions, and deliver a crystal clear voice which results in improved radio coverage over analog.


Excellent Battery Life Performance
The DP-20 is specifically designed to conserve battery power. When used in digital mode, the power consumption is reduced by up t0 40%. This guarantees the users an extended operating time, ensuring that they will stay connected during longer working hours.


Compatible Accessories
Compatible with existing original Kenwood accessories, thus save your investment.





Frequency Range

Channel Spacing Digital: 12.5KHz / Analog: 12.5/25KHz
Channel capacity 1024
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
Battery Type Lithium-ion, 2000mAh
Power Voltage Range 7.4V DC±20%
Temperature Range -20~+55℃
Weights 270g With antenna & battery
Dimensions(H×W×D) 133×61×40mm


RF Power

≥4W(H) / ≥1W(L)

Frequency Stability


4FSK Modulation


Spurious emissions


Idel Slot Power


FSK Error


FM Noise





0.3uV(BER 5%) / 0.7uV(BER 1%)

Co-Channel Rejection


Spurious Radiation


Adjacent Channel Selectivity




Spurious&image Rejection


Audio Output

1000mW@16Ω For 5% THD


Standard Accessories


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